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PWRDF - Health

Install solar panels on a health clinic

Provide solar panels to clinics in Tanzania to provide better health care to thousands of people living in remote areas.

Help a refugee build a home

Help build a home for a family after a disaster.

Give a community access to health care

Help communities in Africa save lives with bicycle ambulances.

Provide a place for mothers to give birth safely

Your gift of $85 will allow 100 children to be born safely at a Mothers-in-Waiting house.

Outfit a community health worker

Part nurse, part social worker, part friend, part advocate, part educator, part nutritionist—community health workers are the backbone of PWRDF health programs in hundreds of villages around the world. 

Protect a family from malaria

Protect five families from mosquito-born diseases.

Provide the gift of water to a community

Provide clean water to 100 people. 

Vaccinate a mother and her baby against diseases

Provide life-saving vaccination for three families in the developing world.

Vaccinate a mother and her baby against diseases


Provide life-saving vaccinations for a mother and her baby in the developing world.

Protect a family from malaria

Protect a mosquito net and  protect a family from mosquito-born diseases.

Help people to learn about community health care with crank radio

Provide a crank radio to help people learn more about their health and to share the knowledge with their community.
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